In DeepBoard, we always have known that you, all the consumers, consider more than just quality goods and services when choosing a brand. Like us, most of you are prioritizing Corporate Social Responsibility.

You might not know all of this, but there are 17 Sustainable Development Goals. So there are many things we all need to do to make this World a better place for our children, but for the moment we decide to focus and clean the Ocean as much as possible.

As a young Spanish company, we support the fundamental labor that Greenpeace is doing for our planet. Is for that reason, we ask you for your collaboration and inform about the huge work they are doing for all of us. 

The values that Greenpeace represent are necessary for the Earth to thrive and all the races that live in, included humans. We don't have a "planet B", therefore we have to take action.

- Become a member of Greenpeace España

- Sign their petitions please, it's free.

If you like DeepBoard, at least please sign these:

1. The Oceans are in danger.

2. Get rid of the damned plastic.

- And if you feel that there is more to do and you dream with a better world, join their community and be voluntary.


* If you don't live in Spain, you can collaborate with the international platform. These guys are amazing: GREENPEACE

If you like our mission, you can be part of our group of volunteers and come with us to clean the coasts of Spain. Let us know, we will tell you how to do it and keep you informed, we would love to have you on board.